Thomas Lauderdale of the band Pink Martini in his Portland, Oregon loft
One of the winners of National Geographic Traveler's Traveler of the Year award, Linda Yuen
Castagna Restaurant, Portland, Oregon
Portrait of artist Nan Curtis 
Portrait of Wendy Burden photographed for the New York Times
For Smithsonian Magazine
Butch Kauihimalaihi Helemano for Smithsonian Magazine
A young boy showing off his road tennis skills at a park in Barbados.
Bracewells Alpine Wilderness, British Columbia, Canada for Dutch National Geographic Traveler
A native American at the Pendleton Round-up, a rodeo held annually in the city of Pendleton, Oregon.  Pictured here is "Kermit," named for the intricate beadwork done on his necklace depicting the muppet character.
A nun descending the staircase of the Saint Peter and Paul Church in North Beach, San Francisco.
The daughter of Peggy Seltzer, aka Margaret B. Jones, author of the controversial memoir, "Love and Consequences."
Camas Davis, an instructor at The Northwest Meat Collective teaching a class on the charcuterie method of butchering a whole pig.
A waitress serves up the Crawdad Creole, a mixture of crawdad, manila clams, calamari, grits and kale at the Irving Street Kitchen Restaurant in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon
Crater Lake National Park located in Southern Oregon, Photographed for Dutch National Geographic Traveler
One of the groomsmen from the Garrison Savannah in Barbados poses with two of the thoroughbred horses he brings down to the ocean for a morning bath and swim.
A woman waits for a friend at the upstairs bar at Marvin, a restaurant dedicated to Marvin Gaye located in the U Street district.